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That Horny Little Cheerleader

Ah the cheerleader. Everyone’s favorite porn fantasy girl. OK my favorite fantasy girl, but I know I’m not the only one. This little four scene flick (With two cheerlicious bonus scenes) is filled with cute eye candy and cheer uniform appeal. The girls are cute and the stories are told pretty much without dialog. I’m not sure how I feel about that overall.

Cheerleaders Gone Bad 3

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of cheerleader porn. This is a nice little collection of young cuties who will do anything to make or stay on the cheer squad. There isn’t really a story, but just some set ups, uniforms and hot sex. In fact, the movie is stronger as an all-sex flick than as a cheer movie. A few of the scenes feature girls keeping uniforms on while others get naked pretty quickly.

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 3

Part three of this series from Girlfriends Films picks p where the fun left off. It features loving scenes between women of all ages. It also features cheerleaders and uniforms. That’s the main appeal for me. The younger cast members are perfectly in character.

Six in Me 2

Three gang bangs from Jim Powers and Smash in this one. All of them are pretty good with one real stand out. Jennifer White is super hot and gives the best of the three fucks. All of them have different themes which is pretty hot.


SoloInterviews.com features a collection of hot young girls, getting themselves off. It is brought to us by the folks at TeemSkeet.com who specialize in hot, new talent. The girls are young, pretty and the solo sex is very hot.

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 2

The cheerleaders in this volume are very hot. Lexi Belle, Jessie Andrews and Georgia Jones all find love in the arms of older women.

Cheerleaders Gone Bad

Everyone loves cheerleader porn. OK, maybe not everyone, but I sure do. These five would-be cheerleaders haven’t made the squad. All right, most of them haven’t. Those who aren’t on the team yet are willing to earn it the old fashioned way. Their status may seem unimportant, but it does limit the cheerleader uniform footage that we get. Instead we have to settle for team try out setups and hot sex. Nothing wrong with that of course.

Swedish Erotica 96: Nikki Charm

I grabbed this DVD out of my personal collection. It is a compilation of Nikki Charm‘s Swedish Erotica scenes from the mid 80′s. For those of you not familiar with Ms. Charm, consider this a nice introduction.

Cheerleaders Academy

When all seems lost, sometimes all it takes is some cheerleader porn to set things right. After a long week, I was really hoping that this cheerleader themed feature might help. It did to some extent. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with Kayden Kross in or out of a cheer skirt.


JohnPersons.com is one of the longest running and most beloved XXX comic sites. It is far and away the leading provider of hot interracial XXX art. Persons’ work as well as the drawings and comics by other artist like The Pit and others.

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 1

Without a doubt, Girlfriends Films is the top lesbian porn studio on the planet. They cover all aspects of girl on girl love, romance and sex with an unmistakable style. Now they are out to prove something I have said for years. Cheerleaders are just universally fucking hot, no matter who you are. Of course we know its true, but it will be fun watching the folks at GF prove it.

Black Teen Punishment 5

Some teens just don’t know how to behave. These girls need a little lesson and the big black cocks are here to teach them. The girls are pretty cute, totally fuckable and mostly bad actresses. Does the last thing matter? Only in as much as the fantasy play is important to you.

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